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Bobby Verdugo, LCSW

Clinical Training Director / Training Director – Social Welfare UCLA
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Bobby Verdugo, L.C.S.W, is a mental health therapist specializing in the treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders using cognitive behavioral therapy for adult and pediatric populations.  As program coordinator of the UCLA Anxiety Behavioral Research Program, Mr. Verdugo conducted various clinical research studies on the nature and treatment of anxiety disorders within primary care healthcare settings and has presented these findings nationally. Mr. Verdugo also focuses on the treatment of pre & postpartum depression and has developed a collaborative treatment program with the UCLA Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  Mr. Verdugo is also co-director of the UCLA School Function Program which focuses on identifying and assisting pediatric patients experiencing academic, mental health and developmental issues. Mr. Verdugo conducts clinical supervision and trainings to clinical interns and parent communities on pediatric mental health, development and attachment based parenting practices for children experiencing learning and psychosocial challenges. Mr. Verdugo is also a behavioral health faculty member and currently teaches behavioral medicine to resident physicians and graduate students at the UCLA Department of Internal Medicine & Pediatrics.

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