UC-LEND long-term trainees should possess the following:

    • Strong written and oral communication skills
    • Examples of initiative in academic, clinical, vocational, or other areas
    • Examples of leadership or successful supervisory experience in areas of academics, volunteer services, community, religious organizations, student government, extracurricular clubs, etc.
    • Demonstrated ability to work independently and develop self-defined goals
    • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in groups/teams
    • Demonstrated ability to see the “big picture” (e.g., puts separate pieces of knowledge together to form a whole; wants to understand both the pieces and the system)
    • Good conceptualization and generalization skills (e.g., can use information in one context and generalize to another; finds threads of commonality and weaves them together)
    • Able to identify issues and areas of concern and bring them forward
    • Flexibility and adaptability combined with persistence

Long-term UC-LEND Training Commitments

DidacticsOver the course of the academic year, trainees will meet weekly at UCLA (video conference with UCR trainees, as necessary) from 8am-12pm on Fridays. Depending on the quarter, trainees will participate in the the UC-LEND Seminar Series, including, but not limited to: interdisciplinary case conference, course work on community leadership, and course work on a population health approach to autism.
ClinicalPotential for Clinical Experience in:
UC-LEND Clinic at Santa Monica (Wednesday mornings (9am – 12 pm)
UC-LEND Clinic at Riverside (Thursday mornings (9am-12pm)
UCLA Medicine-Pediatrics Comprehensive Care Center (as arranged)
UCLA Pediatric Neurology Clinic (Tuesday mornings 8am-12pm)
UCLA Transition Care Clinic (every 2nd and 4th Wednesday 1-4pm)


To apply to be a long-term UC-LEND trainee, you will need to complete or submit the following:

  1. Online UC-LEND application
  2. Personal statement
    • In 300 words or less, please describe the personal and professional qualities you use to define or describe leadership.
    • In 300 words or less, please discuss how you hope the UC-LEND long term traineeship will shape or impact your graduate training.
  3. Curriculum vita
  4. Unofficial transcript
  5. Two completed UC-LEND Recommendation Forms
    • At least one form must be from either a faculty advisor or supervisor (UC-LEND faculty may serve as your reference)
    • Completed forms must be either:
      1. EMAILED directly to Kary Calderon (